Gh. Gharun M.D.



Institute for Pain Diagnostic


Pain Diagnostic is the base of a successful therapy to avoid the long term consumption of pain killers.

Every day millions of people are complaining from intolerable pain, either by missed cause and consequently lack of an effective therapy, or when different therapeutic methods are needed despite the clear diagnosis.


Like any swelling or reddens, pain is a symptom of an organic or functional disorder.
We have to understand the existence of  


comparable to the five external senses, while noticing that pain receptors are spread all over the body and are connected by the nervous system, where any part of the body can work as a trigger of chronic conditions.

Nevertheless there is a way to help those patients with intolerable chronic pains, throughout multidisciplinary diagnosis check up and more investigations in a holistic point of view, to find out the starting cause in order to work out a therapeutic plan on different aspects, which will be discussed with the patients to achieve a better result.

The Institute for Pain Diagnostic & Therapy is managed by Gh.Gharun, MD. Anesthesiologist and a highly experienced pain specialist.

Dr.Gharun was graduated from medical faculty, University of Heidelberg, Germany, in 1968.

Later he started his medical career working postgraduate as anesthesiologist.

He has invested more than 30 years in medical care of chronic conditions, putting his main effort on pain release.

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